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The municipalist moment

Erik Forman
Elia Gran
Sixtine van Outryve

Movements on the left are increasingly looking to build power at the local level. The question is how we can leverage municipal gains to transform the system at expanding scales. Photo: Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧

Anni Roenkae_multicolored-abstract-illustration-3110502

Rebuilding the commons: a global network of rebel cities takes shape, part I

Bernardo Gutierrez

The global movements of 2011 reconfigured urban space as a new interface of collective action and policy creation. The new political narrative of cities is serving to counteract prevailing neoliberal narratives.More than a phrase, “the Cities of the Commons vs. global neoliberalism” could be understood…


America needs a network of rebel cities to stand up to Trump

Kate Shea Baird
Steve Hughes

America’s cities and local leaders have emerged as the institutional frontline of resistance against the Trump administration.However, cities can be more than just a last line of defense against the worst excesses of an authoritarian central government: they have huge, positive potential as spaces from…


The mayors and the movements

Eoghan Gilmartin

In 2015, a wave of social movements lifted left-wing mayors to power in Spain. Their experience in office shows the importance of linking institutional power to bottom-up mobilization. Fearless Cities, a recent book produced by BenComú activists, has sought to draw wider lessons from these…

Toni Cuenca_blue-bright-citrus-citrus-fruit-405031

The city as the new political centre

Joan Subirats
Lorenzo Marsili

A radical change is taking place. Cities around Europe – through platforms, movements and international networks – are creating paths for citizens to participate in and influence politics directly. Joan Subirats, one of the founders of Barcelona’s municipalist platform Barcelona en Comú, discusses how cities…


Ciudad futura: reimagining the left in Argentina

Michelle B. Switzer

Founded in 2005, Ciudad Futura formed in response to increased land speculation by developers on the impoverished outskirts of the city of Rosario. In recent years, it has grown into a province-wide movement in Santa Fe characterized by its local community initiatives in the areas…


The making of a feminist democratic revolution in Chile

‘La olla se destapó’, or ‘the pot has been uncovered’, has become a catchphrase by which feminist activists encapsulate the biggest social and political uprising that Chile has seen since the return to democracy in the early 1990s. The unexpected emergence of large-scale protests across…


Conversations about the little things

This is a conversation between Claudia Delso Carreira (City Councillor of the Marea Atlántica government from 2015 to 2019 in the City Council of A Coruña) and Celtia Traviesas Méndez (former member of the Podemos en Europa delegation). Claudia: After four years working within the…


From the streets to the town halls: local governance and municipalist platforms in Croatia and Serbia

Over the last years, Croatia and Serbia witnessed the emergence of municipalist platforms which ran for local elections in Zagreb (2017) and Belgrade (2018). Choosing the local level of government as an entry point, these city platforms were inspired by Barcelona en Comú and other…


Italian municipalism: patterns, missed opportunities and the way forward

Over the previous few years, a number of Italian cities have experienced the rise of ‘new municipalist’ platforms. The achievements of these platforms are many and significant, but also substantially similar to those made by other municipalist-based local governments around Europe. Municipalist movements made it…

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