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Final decision

We’ve received more than 10 great proposals in spite of the short deadline! Our Minim community has finally decided to fund the following report: Imogen Hamilton Jones and Thomas de Groot – On the (messy) interactions between municipalism and commoning in Amsterdam. Congratulations to the...

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Cape Town’s response to COVID-19 shows that another kind of society is possible

In early March 2020, as Covid-19 began to spread in South Africa, a group of community organisers, social justice activists, artists and health system researchers from Cape Town came together to plan a neighbourhood-based response to the virus and its socio-economic effects. The aim of…


Removing outdoors adverts is essential to reclaiming the urban commons

“Adblocking is about democratising the city. Big companies and the commercial interest overdominate those spaces and our social relations over the last decades in a system of consumerism”, Robbie Gillett, a co-founder of Adblock Bristol explains. “By organisers getting together to take down and stop…


The limitations of urban governance in Greece: Why we need a municipalist movement.

In recent decades, cities have emerged as major economic and political actors. As the world’s population is increasingly concentrated in urban settlements, cities and, more broadly, metropolitan areas have been undergoing radical transformations. New ‘urban’ conditions and challenges emerge in a fast-changing context. In parallel,…

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Taking back control: The future of public services

Lavinia Steinfort

From Barcelona to Grenoble, towns, cities and regions are reclaiming democratic control over vital services like water and healthcare. We spoke to Transnational Institute researcher Lavinia Steinfort about how, contrary to decades of received wisdom, reversing privatisation results in more accessible, accountable and cost-effective public…


Liveable spaces for all: Covid-19 in the city

Helen Cole
Paola Hernández

For people living in cities during the lockdown, space was a major concern, both in and outside the home. The pandemic has reconfigured the way we use and think about urban space. Will it be sufficient for a fairer, healthier city to emerge? Paola Hernández…


Cities as empty shells: Urban tourism in a post-pandemic world

Sofia Cherici

The tourism industry employs almost five times as many people as car manufacturing in the EU. In much of Southern Europe, it has been a lonely growth area throughout years of stagnation. But for cities such as Rome and Venice, its side effects have been…


Connect the city: Rights, justice and the digital divide

Guillem Ramírez Chico

Among the trends accelerated by the pandemic, digitalisation stands out for its pace of change. Large parts of education, work, and social services moved online in a matter of weeks. Though many people lack the connections, equipment, and skills to access what are often fundamental…


Taking power in a crisis: France’s green cities

Benoit Monange
Bruno Bernard
Léonore Moncond’huy

In June 2020, after a drawn-out process punctuated by the peak of the health crisis, Green lists excelled in France’s municipal elections. They are now at the head of the executive in some of France’s largest cities, including Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, and Tours. In…


Wiki on sustainable just cities

Urban Arena

This Wiki is an ongoing, open-ended online collaborative database and knowledge source for the Community of Practice of the UrbanA project. It captures the learning process of the UrbanA Community of Practice and is an important part of UrbanA’s knowledge commons. It includes a database…

These podcast episodes are the result of a collaboration with Urban Political

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