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After Covid-19, the flood

Covid-19 is producing real change. But what kind is up for grabs. This moment demands each of us think through what sort of world we want to live in and how to get there. For myself and many others in the UK, now is the…


Pandemic lessons, progressive politics: Right to the city and new municipalism in times of COVID-19

There is no doubt about it: the current global pandemic offers some acute warnings and delivers several fundamental messages to our societies. First and foremost, it suddenly and simultaneously focuses our attention on the vulnerability and interdependence of life; the centrality of care and essential…


The world should learn community-based lessons from the 2014-16 Ebola crisis

“I am not afraid of the Ebola. I stand by my work to save people,” community health nurse Isata Kabia, who worked at Panlap Community Care Centre (CCC) in Sierra Leone, explained to UNICEF about risking her life to confront the Ebola epidemic in 2015….


Local democracy and feminism. Key strategies against neoliberalism.

In the wake of the 15M social movement (formerly the Occupy movement) – and as a reaction to the 2008 financial crisis – the democratic occupation of public spaces would come to be known as Spain’s “municipalist movement”. From 2014, groups of citizens from different…

Most recent publications


Why the green new deal needs local action to succeed

Aaron Vansintjan

Universal healthcare, a green economy, affordable and sustainable housing, and much more: for many people, the Green New Deal sounds too good to be true at a time when trust in politicians has been eroded by too many empty promises. Aaron Vansintjan argues that the…


Matthew Thompson on new municipalism

Matthew Thompson

What is New Municipalism? Matthew Thompson, author of the article What’s so new about new municipalism? published in February 2020, walks us through the evolution of the concept of new municipalism starting from its origins, passing through international municipalism as a way of the sharing…


Coronavirus has exposed a desperate need for localism

Simos Jenkins

There is no war today, just politicians who love comparing their roles to those of their blitz counterparts. But every crisis is an opportunity. What might emerge from coronavirus that is on a par with Beveridge? We need local testing centres, local food supplies, local…

Karolina Grabowska_photo-of-sage-beside-rose-quartz-4040591

Organizing under lockdown: online activism, local solidarity

Bernd Bonfert

The coronavirus pandemic is confronting us with unprecedented contradictions. The foundations of neoliberal capitalism are crumbling before our eyes, as governments in the EU are taking control over their economies in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago. At the same…


World cities turn their streets over to walkers and cyclists

Laura Laker

A growing number of cities around the world are temporarily reallocating road space from cars to people on foot and on cycles to keep key workers moving and residents in coronavirus lockdown healthy and active while socially distancing. Photo: Jack Van Hel


People-powered local politics can save democracy from populism

Steve Rushton

In the current context of crisis created by the COVID-19 the importance of people-focused local politics has never been more vital. Across the world, social solidarity in the shape of mutual aid networks, food banks, online support groups, and even acts. Photo: Jeswin Thomas

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