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Land commissions and municipalist strategy

In September 2020, the first meeting of the first ever city-regional Land Commission in the UK was convened in Liverpool, well, virtually at least. Facilitated by the Manchester-based think-and-do-tank, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES), this initiative gathers together a dozen experts on democratic…


Market forces? Commoning the Latin Village

“The right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is a right to change ourselves by changing the city. It is, moreover, a common rather than an individual right since this transformation inevitably depends upon the exercise…


Municipalist France!

It is, and always has been, difficult to sum up a complex country like France in a few words. As De Gaulle once put it, “How is it possible for anyone to govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?”. At a time…


Marseille Spring! An interview with Alima el Bajnouni

Alima el Bajnouni is Vice-President of Commonspolis and an active member of several Marseille associations working for the right to the city, including “A City Center for All” and Babalex, which promotes Citizenship through the appropriation of Law. In this interview, she shares with us…

Most recent publications


Between governance‐driven democratisation and democracy‐driven governance: Explaining changes in participatory governance in the case of Barcelona

Adrian Bua
Sonia Bussu

Scholars of participatory democracy have long noted dynamic interactions and transformations within and between political spaces that can foster (de)democratisation. At the heart of this dynamism lie (a) the processes through which top‐down “closed” spaces can create opportunities for rupture and democratic challenges and (b)…


What can we learn from Latin America’s solidarity cities?

Margaret Godoy
Harald Baude

Acts of solidarity are trying to prevent migrants – especially those without or with only precarious legal status – from falling through the cracks of government responses to the COVID-19 crisis. These acts are necessary because national governments throughout Latin America have turned a blind…


Covid-19 crisis means England’s local authorities could go bust, warn mayors

Kate Proctor

Mayors in some of England’s biggest cities are warning that local authorities are at risk of going bust with potentially devastating consequences for communities unless the government takes immediate action. As the impact of the Covid-19 crisis hits local authorities, the mayors of London, Greater…


Local response in health emergencies: key considerations for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in informal urban settlements

Annie Wilkinson

The potential health impacts of COVID-19 are immense in informal settlements, but if control measures are poorly executed these could also have severe negative impacts. Public health interventions must be balanced with social and economic interventions, especially in relation to the informal economy upon which…


Homeless people mustn’t be abandoned to life on the streets again

Matt Downie

Coronavirus has exposed the true numbers of those “hidden homeless” who were sofa-surfing and dependent on the generosity of family and friends. As the UK went into lockdown, close on 15,000 people in England who had been sleeping on the streets or in crowded night…


A municipalist response to COVID-19

Kate Shea Baird

Barcelona has been hard-hit by the pandemic, in terms of both health and the economy. But this impact hasn’t been evenly distributed across the city: the poorest residents of Barcelona have been hardest hit by the coronavirus. The city’s response to the COVID-19 has focused…

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