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From productive to kind cities: new urban planning that wants to change the world

María José Carmona

More than half the world’s population is currently living in cities, a proportion set to reach 70 per cent by the year 2050, more than enough reason to redesign our streets to fit everyone’s needs. The idea is to create streets that make all the…


Food systems are fodder for curbing cities’ environmental impacts

Molly Sharlach

Focusing on urbanization as a key driver of environmental change in the 21st century, researchers have created a framework to understand and compare cities’ food systems and their effects on climate change, water use and land use. The research will allow planners to estimate the…

Vlada Karpovich_toilet-paper-roll-on-ceramic-plate-3958194

Universal basic income won’t help people find work but it will make them happier, expert report finds

Luke O'Reilly

Researchers looked at the implementation of guaranteed income in a neighbourhood in Barcelona and found out that it didn’t help people find work, but it made them happier. Against what some critics of basic income say, the money didn’t stop people from looking for a…

Thiago Matos_mirror-fragments-on-gray-surface-with-the-reflection-of-a-3022456

Municipalism and feminism then and now

Hilary Wainwright
Jo Littler

Hilary Wainwright talks to Jo Littler. Hilary Wainwright discusses municipalism and its relationship to feminism, past and present. She discusses how the women’s liberation movement and in particular its creation of collective childcare produced a form of prefigurative politics which also opened up the possibilities…


New municipalism as space for solidarity

Óscar García Agustín

How can new municipalism develop a progressive localism and forge translocal solidarities? This article considers municipalism as a form of progressive localism, which on the one hand connects the local and the global through translocal solidarity, and on the other scales-up and becomes an alternative…

Tenzing Kalsang_ancient-art-buddha-buddhism-343419

The new municipalism (part 2)

Laura Roth

In the second part of the New Municipalism series, Ross talks to Barcelona-based scholar-activist Laura Roth. She talks about the Spanish experience, particularly in relation to Barcelona en Comú, the movement party, which has been in minority government since 2014. Laura talked about a range…


Local democracy and feminism. Key strategies against neoliberalism.

In the wake of the 15M social movement (formerly the Occupy movement) – and as a reaction to the 2008 financial crisis – the democratic occupation of public spaces would come to be known as Spain’s “municipalist movement”. From 2014, groups of citizens from different…


Neomunicipalism in Naples

Napoli’s neomunicipal experience began in 2011. Mayor Luigi de Magistris was re-elected for a second five-year term in 2016. He and the coalition (of which I, as a city councillor, am a member) are still governing Italy’s third biggest city (after Rome and Milan) and…


A reflection by the social leg of transformative municipalism

In times of trending topics, political immediacy and constant updates, it becomes increasingly important to reassert the careful interpretation and use of words and concepts. This is particularly important in current political debates regarding municipalism. In a context of climate emergency and extreme social polarization,…


We need constitutional powers to make Toronto a city for everyone

On the evening of July 26th, 2018 I was at the campaign launch party for Toronto mayoral candidate Saron Gebresellassi. 2018 was a municipal election year in Toronto, and Saron, a human rights lawyer, had announced her candidacy as a campaign to build a “city…

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