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Think globally, act locally?

Brian Tokar

The author asks: how can local action further our goals for global transformation? First, there is a reflection on the limits of local action and local democracy. Then the author goes back to social ecology writings and other theoretical discussions to find some clues. Finally,…


The left needs a statewide strategy

Eric Blanc
Puya Gerami

For the first time in decades, the Left is on the rise in the United States. This resurgence has primarily been driven forward by local and national struggles. In towns across the country, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapters have helped win important victories, such…


Rojava celebrates 7th anniversary of the revolution

ROAR Collective

Selection of ROAR’s coverage over the past years of the Rojava Revolution, a struggle for autonomy in northern Syria initiated in July 2012. Photo: Miriam Espacio


Organising for the right to housing in London

Jacob Stringer

Housing in London is a miserable experience for many, and it is most miserable of all for private renters. But London Renters’ Union has arrived! The article explains how the union works to transform individual difficulties into a collective struggle, which are the strategies, how…


What went wrong for the municipalists in Spain?

Peter Gelderloos

Four years after the first wave of municipalist governments in Spain, many of the so-called cities of change have failed to renew the results obtained in the elections that placed them in power. While the Catalan independence movement has radically changed the political landscape, thus…


Public-Common partnerships: Building new circuits of collective ownership

Keir Milburn
Bertie Russell

Public-Common Partnerships offer an alternative institutional design to achieve social transformation. The PCP model exceeds the market/state binary while involving co-ownership between state authorities and Commoners Associations, alongside co-combined governance with a third association of project specific relevant parties such as trade unions and relevant…


Symbiosis: federating municipalist movements in North America for real democracy

The emergence of North American municipalism That the Commune can be the place for self-government is not a new idea for radical social movements in North America. For decades, the social thinker Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) has developed, advocated and given life to the idea of…


Let’s feminise politics and politicise care: thoughts from Argentina on the feminisation of power

For the past four years, the people of Argentina have experienced a profound setback at the hands of a neoliberal government that has systematically eroded living conditions. Whilst this has had a significant impact on the consumption capacity of the middle classes, the most vulnerable…

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