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How woke is the left?

Jonathan Feldman

Is the left today “woke,” i.e. is it self-consciously learning from the limits of the path it has been on to design a new systemic architecture based on alternative, networked institutions to challenge the status quo? New institutions are needed because in the past farms,…


What would a city designed by women be like?

Reporter: Stephanie Hegarty
Directed and edited by: Camelia Sadeghzadeh

Cities are supposed to be built for all of us, but they aren’t built by all of us. Every city in the world has been designed and built by men. But what if the other half had a go? Barcelona might be able to give…


Municipalism 101: Fearless Cities 2018

Laura Flanders

Barcelona en Comú is a part of a network of municipalist movements that calls themselves Fearless Cities. We will hear from Debbie Bookchin author and activist, based in New York; Rodgrigo Conejo of WikiPolitico based in Mexico; Kali Akuno of Operation Jackson based in Jackson…


When a movement becomes a party: The 2015 Barcelona City Council election

Pablo Aragón
Yana Volkovich
David Laniado

Did Barcelona en Comú preserve a decentralizated structure or adopted a conventional centralized organization during the 2015 Barcelona City Council election? In this article, the authors analyze the Twitter networks of the parties that ran for this election by measuring their hierarchical structure, information efficiency…


When a movement becomes a party: the experiment of Barcelona en Comù and the new network of Spanish democratic cities

Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein
Francesca Bria

To analyse and understand the ways in which it is possible for a decentralised and polycentric movement such as Barcelona en Comù to be voted at institutional level, D-CENT partners IN3 15M Data Analysis Group and Barcelona Media conducted the recently published research ‘When a…


Barcelona: crisis austerity and socio-political change

Ismael Blanco

This case study of Barcelona is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. On one hand, for the strength of the participatory and collaborative tradition of Barcelona. On the other hand, because Barcelona has become particularly important since the local elections of May 2015, which…


Conversations about the little things

This is a conversation between Claudia Delso Carreira (City Councillor of the Marea Atlántica government from 2015 to 2019 in the City Council of A Coruña) and Celtia Traviesas Méndez (former member of the Podemos en Europa delegation). Claudia: After four years working within the…


From the streets to the town halls: local governance and municipalist platforms in Croatia and Serbia

Over the last years, Croatia and Serbia witnessed the emergence of municipalist platforms which ran for local elections in Zagreb (2017) and Belgrade (2018). Choosing the local level of government as an entry point, these city platforms were inspired by Barcelona en Comú and other…


Italian municipalism: patterns, missed opportunities and the way forward

Over the previous few years, a number of Italian cities have experienced the rise of ‘new municipalist’ platforms. The achievements of these platforms are many and significant, but also substantially similar to those made by other municipalist-based local governments around Europe. Municipalist movements made it…


A seventh city. On the concept of sanctuary and its relationship with municipalism.

John Berger and Jean Mohr’s beautiful classic about migrant workers’ experiences in Europe – A Seventh Man – emphasizes how migrants lives and bodies become segmented according to forces they cannot control. To be a migrant is to be defined by economic and political powers…

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