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Minim report series 2020

Minim is a municipalist observatory that aims to give voice to the municipalist movement in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, we have observed that much of the debates, practices and theorisation of municipalism – and the networks that are emerging – are between participants from the Global North.

We are looking to commission four short introductory pieces of work that connect the authors, topics and practices from the Global South with those in the Global North and that contribute to “translating” (in a broad sense, not only linguistic) these experiences from one context to another.

Most recent publications

Artem Saranin_clear-marble-ball-1046466

The growing global movement to end outdoor advertising

Steve Rushton

The anti-advertising movement Résistance à l’Agression Publicitaire (Resistance to Advertising Aggression, or RAP) groups are across France, up from five in 2016. They work autonomously with tactics including pressuring politicians like the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who paused plans for new digital advertising boards…


Solidarity cities in Europe

Wenke Christoph
Stefanie Kron

Across Europe, urban solidarity movements are gaining momentum. Under the label of ‘Welcoming Cities’, ‘Cities of Refuge’ or ‘Solidarity Cities’, civil society groups, local politicians and city administrations are defying the growing restrictions of border regimes and migration policies on the European and national level….

Henry & Co._contempory-art-2517210

The new municipalism (part 1)

Bertie Russell
Matt Thompson

What is “New Municipalism”? In this first of a new series Ross seeks clarification from scholar-activists Bertie Russell and Matt Thompson who give us a conceptual and historical take on this new urban movement, offering reflections on UK examples like Preston. Photo: Henry & Co.

Steve Johnson_crystal-glass-on-a-colorful-background-2179374

City problems: A fairly true Barcelona story

Gala Pin

Gala Pin, Barcelona City councillor from 2015 to 2019, reflects on her experience at the front row of the municipalist transformation of the city during the first government of Ada Colau. Photo:

Lisa Fotios_gold-textile-2248589

Chicago’s little-known experiment in radical democracy

Marco Rosaire Rossi

In the 1970s, Chicago’s 44th Ward was placed under direct democratic control of its residents, challenging the corrupt mayor’s near-total control over the city. The objective of the ward assembly was two-fold: first, to direct the alderman on legislation in the city council, and second…


Regulating in the urban commons – what we can learn from Italian experiences

Daniela Patti

The international debate on the commons has a long history but only in recent years has it started gearing towards the definition of Urban Commons and what their role is in shaping our society, especially at the wake of the economic crisis. This debate developed…


We need constitutional powers to make Toronto a city for everyone

On the evening of July 26th, 2018 I was at the campaign launch party for Toronto mayoral candidate Saron Gebresellassi. 2018 was a municipal election year in Toronto, and Saron, a human rights lawyer, had announced her candidacy as a campaign to build a “city…


Prospects for municipalism in 2020

2019 was Spanish municipalism’s annus horribilis. A number of local candidatures were riven by internal divisions and, in the May elections, governments fell in important cities like Madrid, A Coruña and Zaragoza, among others. Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news for those who defend municipalism…


The making of a feminist democratic revolution in Chile

‘La olla se destapó’, or ‘the pot has been uncovered’, has become a catchphrase by which feminist activists encapsulate the biggest social and political uprising that Chile has seen since the return to democracy in the early 1990s. The unexpected emergence of large-scale protests across…


Conversations about the little things

This is a conversation between Claudia Delso Carreira (City Councillor of the Marea Atlántica government from 2015 to 2019 in the City Council of A Coruña) and Celtia Traviesas Méndez (former member of the Podemos en Europa delegation). Claudia: After four years working within the…

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