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Database tag: Fearless Cities

Municipal recipes 2

Two months after the 2019 municipal elections this second part of the documentary ‘Municipalist Recipe’ records Claudia Delso, Elena Giner, Gala Pin, Ysabel Torralbo and Guillermo Zapata in conversation reflecting on their experiences in the institutions and what has happened in the last 4 years….

The new municipalism (part 2)

In the second part of the New Municipalism series, Ross talks to Barcelona-based scholar-activist Laura Roth. She talks about the Spanish experience, particularly in relation to Barcelona en Comú, the movement party, which has been in minority government since 2014. Laura talked about a range…

New municipalism as space for solidarity

How can new municipalism develop a progressive localism and forge translocal solidarities? This article considers municipalism as a form of progressive localism, which on the one hand connects the local and the global through translocal solidarity, and on the other scales-up and becomes an alternative…

Feminise politics now! Toolkit created by the municipalist movement

How can we make our organisations more democratic? How can we make our work and activism more inclusive in practice? How can we, as activists, practitioners, educators, citizens, members of movements and organisations ensure that we implement feminist values at work and in our everyday…

Becoming a Fearless City

In June 2017, a delegation of five members of the San Francisco chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America joined government officials, journalists, and activists from over 180 cities across five continents at the inaugural Fearless Cities summit in Barcelona, Spain. This article was published…

The future is public: Special report from Amsterdam

Laura Flanders reports from Amsterdam at The Future is Public, a conference that brings together hundreds of organizers, scholars, and government officials who are working to democratize their municipal and national economies.   Photo: rompalli harish