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Database tag: Culture

Cape Town Together: organizing in a city of islands

After apartheid, Cape Town remained a city of islands: social, cultural and economic divisions are the rule. This has long undermined city-wide collective organizing and solidarity. The severe COVID19 lockdown and the goverment response aggravated the situation for many inhabitants. But an unprecedented community-led response…

Coronavirus may change city designs

The coronavirus pandemic has already changed many aspects of life. How we travel, how we work and how we live. Experts warn it may even change how some of our cities will look and operate in the future. Photo: Zoltan Tasi    

New municipalism, new culture, new democracy

Today the forces of Municipalism and Culture are interdependent and merged to create a profound and sustainable shift in policy and politics and, most critically, in lived experience for the many and not the few in the journey towards a new democracy. This short paper…

Municipalism and the feminization of politics

The new municipalist agenda is proving its capacity to provide effective responses to the demands for greater democracy at the local level. Furthermore, there is another, complementary argument for municipalism: it has the potential to feminize politics in a way that political action at the…

Left-wing populism and the feminization of politics

Left-wing populism and the feminization of politics are at the core of the debates among activists of the European left. The intellectual basis of while left-wing populism make it incompatible with the feminization of politics, since they reinforce patriarchy. Social transformation requires of a genuine…