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Database tag: Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin, municipalism, popular democracy and left politics

In this podcast there’s a discussion of the work of Murray Bookchin, relating it to the experiences and debates around municipalism and wider left political practices and theory. The guests focus the discussion on the recent edited collection of Bookchin’s work: The Next Revolution: Popular…

Think globally, act locally?

The author asks: how can local action further our goals for global transformation? First, there is a reflection on the limits of local action and local democracy. Then the author goes back to social ecology writings and other theoretical discussions to find some clues. Finally,…

New municipalism reloaded?

A presentation on the origins of municipalism and the currencies that formed the movement. Photo: Michael L.

Libertarian municipalism & Murray Bookchin’s legacy

An interview with Debbie Bookchin to discuss how municipalist movements are implementing her father’s ideas and what the potential challenges are for libertarian municipalism. Photo: Pixabay

Municipalism: The next political revolution?

The way that reality is laid out for us at the moment it might seem a bit defeated and hopeless. Reviewing some of the accomplishments and origins of municipalism shines a light on what according to Murray Bookchin pointed out can be a way to…

The Philosophy of Murray Bookchin: An Interview with Debbie Bookchin

Debbie Bookchin joins host Brett from Revolutionary Left Radio to discuss the life and work of her father, Murray Bookchin, as well as the Rojavan Revolution, the rise of fascism, Social Ecology, Marxism, Anarchism, her father’s legacy, and much, much more! Photo: Free Creative Stuff…

Social ecology: Communalism against climate chaos

Social ecology, as understood by Murray Bookchin and others, can offer a response to the challenges of climate change. The author describes the philosophy of social ecology and also its political strategy in order to reflect about its ability to overcome the limits of local…

The new municipal movements

The municipalist movement in the US today is like a seedling. It is small and delicate, fresh and brimming with potential. Although we often look for leftist leadership in big cities like New York City or Chicago, these new municipal leaders are rooted in relatively…

Radical municipalism: The future we deserve

For many years the left has struggled with the question of how to bring our ideas, of equality, economic justice and human rights, to fruition. Murray Bookchin’s political trajectory is instructive for the argument that Debbie Bookchin makes in this article: that municipalism isn’t just…