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Database tag: Water

International database of de-privatised public services

Public Futures is an interactive database, where you can find information on alternative public pathways to privatisation. Basic services like water, energy, health care and education build the foundation for healthy, just and sustainable communities, and all over the world, citizens, public authorities and labour…

Jakarta poor still fighting for tap water

To fight the water privatization that is taking place in Jakarta, the organization Amrta Institute for Water Literacy is helping make water accessible to all the inhabitants of Jakarta. The  organization Amrta Institute for Water Literacy was shortlisted for the Transformative Cities People’s Choice Award…

Lagosians fight to keep the water taps away from capitalism

In 2014, and with the state government hell-bent on pushing through their privatization plans, ERA/FoEN launched the ‘Our water, Our Right’ campaign, a grassroots-heavy initiative that amplifies the voice of community people in Lagos, Nigeria. Since thise launch the campaign has held more than a…

An atlas of real utopias?

In 2017, the Transnational Institute launched Transformative Cities, an opportunity for progressive local governments, municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society organizations to popularize and share their experiences of building solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crises. The Atlas of Utopia,…

The power of a transformative city

Cities constitute a privileged place to organise collectively and to imagine new ways of living and working together, spaces where bodies and minds interact and where ideas spread quickly and have unparalleled impact. Cities are also able to advance democracy to a greater extent than…