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Submit an article to the magazine

We assign most of the original content that we publish but if you have an original article that you recently wrote we would love to see it! All the submitted texts will be reviewed and edited by the minim community.

We know how much effort it requires to dedicate time to sit down and write. For that reason we pay a symbolic amount to all our writers.

These are the general guidelines for the articles to be published in our magazine:

  • The style of the article should be similar to an opinion piece although the content can vary: interviews, essays, reports, etc.
  • That article should be written for an international audience (explain all the things you think people might not understand)
  • The extension of the text should be between 1,200 to 1,500 words
  • The text should be separated in different subsections, each with a title
  • We can’t include footnotes in the text but you can add links to external pages and quotes inside the body of the text