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Database tag: Far right

People-powered local politics can save democracy from populism

In the current context of crisis created by the COVID-19 the importance of people-focused local politics has never been more vital. Across the world, social solidarity in the shape of mutual aid networks, food banks, online support groups, and even acts. Photo: Jeswin Thomas

The municipalist revolution

In Naples, the outsider candidate Luigi de Magistris, only supported by local movements and civil society, won the municipal elections in 2011. To be able to maintain their municipalist promise and face neoliberal challenges, there is a need for alliance with other communities. Photo: Lovefood…

The nation state must be overcome

The tension between right-wing tenets and progressive policies is raising across Europe. If victorious in the 2019 European elections, the right-wing forces would undermine the transnationalist basis of the Union, thus jeopardizing the whole EU project. Overcoming the nation-state approach, both downwards (internally) and upwards…

Reason, creativity and freedom: The communalist model

The attitudes of racism and xenophobia, which have fueled the virulent rise of fascism today in places like the United States, must be combated by a radical humanism that celebrates ethnic, cultural and spiritual diversity. With communalism we might remake the world upon humanity’s potential…

Seattleites form neighborhood groups to resist Trump

Following Trump’s victory at the presidential election in 2017, all of Seattle district’s formed Neighborhood Action Councils to help guard against the President-elect’s agenda. Photo: SenuScape

Is America ready for a municipalist movement?

In the US, a new coalition of progressive forces is shaping up to protest views and policies deployed by president Trump. The articulation of forces against Trump. The municipal level is becoming a space for social resistance and political innovation, hence providing an opportunity for…