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Right to housing and municipalism: success stories

Right to housing and municipalism: success stories

The municipalist perspective maintains a close link with housing, public heritage and territorial issues, often arising from struggles against housing speculation. Although not all of these experiences have been successful in past years, they represent a significant body of knowledge to be shared and reflected upon. How could municipalist politics learn from past experiences and develop new strategies and practices about them?


This debate will be moderated by David Gabriel Bodinier, Next Planning (Grenoble, France) with the following speakers:

  • Jovana Timotijevic, from Ministry of Space collective  (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Maria Haberer, Researcher and Community Organizer (Berlin, Germany)
  • Vanessa Valiño, Observatori DESC/Barcelona En Comù (Barcelona, Spain).

The event is finished.


Jun 01 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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