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    City problems: A fairly true Barcelona story

    Gala Pin

    Gala Pin, Barcelona City councillor from 2015 to 2019, reflects on her experience at the front row of the municipalist transformation of the city during the first government of Ada Colau. Photo:

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    The power of a transformative city

    Sol Trumbo Vila
    Nick Buxton

    Cities constitute a privileged place to organise collectively and to imagine new ways of living and working together, spaces where bodies and minds interact and where ideas spread quickly and have unparalleled impact. Cities are also able to advance democracy to a greater extent than...

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    Ciudad futura: reimagining the left in Argentina

    Michelle B. Switzer

    Founded in 2005, Ciudad Futura formed in response to increased land speculation by developers on the impoverished outskirts of the city of Rosario. In recent years, it has grown into a province-wide movement in Santa Fe characterized by its local community initiatives in the areas...

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    Municipalism 101: Fearless Cities 2018

    Laura Flanders

    Barcelona en Comú is a part of a network of municipalist movements that calls themselves Fearless Cities. We will hear from Debbie Bookchin author and activist, based in New York; Rodgrigo Conejo of WikiPolitico based in Mexico; Kali Akuno of Operation Jackson based in Jackson...

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    Doing activism like a State: Progressive municipal government, Israel/Palestine and BDS

    Davina Cooper

    Activism is typically placed in opposition to state practice. Yet, state bodies often participate in campaigns and movements for change, drawing on different powers and capacities, including the ability to withhold goods, land and contracts. This article explores subnational state activism – what it means...

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    Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić protest ‘enough’ draws 20,000: Stops traffic

    Forrest Stilin

    Around 20,000 citizens protested in early February against Zagreb’s mayor and USKOK indictee Milan Bandić demanding his permanent removal from politics. Bernard Ivčić, from Green Action, said that citizens had come to say enough to Bandić’s system of clientelism, which is destroying Zagreb. Photo: Anna...

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    Earthworker: taking power back

    Kurt Johnson

    Earthworker is a worker owned coop in Morwell, Australia. Within this coop is a solar hot water enterprise, Red Gum Cleaning Cooperative, an energy retailing coop and plans for hemp manufacturing and a journalists’ coop. The  organization Earthworker was shortlisted for the Transformative Cities People’s...

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    Social ecology: radicalizing the climate movement

    Katie Horvath

    Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Examining social ecology provides the missing link in understanding the radicalization of the environmental movement historically and in constructing a dual power climate strategy for the future. Photo: Public Domain Pictures

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    One cheer — more or less — for the Green New Deal

    Kevin Carson

    There is no “magic button” that will cause the state to instantaneously disappear, and it has currently preempted the avenues and channels (to paraphrase Paul Goodman) for carrying out many necessary social functions. So long as the state continues to be a thing, I prefer...

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    The popular assemblies at the heart of the Chilean uprising

    Bree Busk

    For many people in Santiago de Chile, October 18, 2019 marked the beginning of a new reality, one which required adapting to the emerging culture of rebellion. In a time when even the most peaceful of marches are broken up with tear gas and water...

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    Handbook for rebellion

    Graham Jones

    An Extinction Rebellion Handbook, recently released by Penguin, is a collection of 32 short essays that aims of pushing the message – and the confidence to take action – even further. An accessible text appropriate for introducing the average reader to both the scale of...

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    What is social ecology?

    Murray Bookchin

    What defines social ecology as “social” is its recognition of the often overlooked fact that nearly all our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems. Conversely, present ecological problems cannot be clearly understood, much less resolved, without resolutely dealing with problems within society. Photo:...