In February 2020 we opened a call for applications to write four reports about municipalism in the Global South. As a consequence, we’re producing four short introductory pieces of work that connect the authors, topics and practices from the Global South with those in the Global North and that contribute to “translating” (in a broad sense, not only linguistic) these experiences from one context to another.


Take a look at the contents and the teams:

Municipalist movements in Lebanon by Sara Dima Abi Saab (New York University)

Municipalism and land disputes. Networks of towns and cities for the co-production of rural-urban policies (Brazil and Argentina) by Roberto Monteverde (Instituto de Gestión de ciudades), Patricia Nari (Provocaciones Urbanas), José-María García Álvarez Coque (Cátedra tierra ciudadana), and Ciudad Futura

Municipalism and decolonisation in Aotearoa (New Zealand) by Jade Kake, Jacqueline Paul (Unitec University of Technology, Aukland) and Sophie Jerram (University Copenhagen/Victoria University Wellington)

The making of autonomous municipal infrastructures (Argentina) by Leandro Minuchin (University of Manchester) and Julieta Maino (University of Rosario)


These reports are possible thanks to the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.