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Municipalize Europe

Municipalize Europe

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, municipalities across Europe have played a crucial role in responding to the public health emergency and the threat of economic collapse. In many cases, municipalities have stepped in where global corporate supply chains have collapsed and national governments have failed. Even before the corona crisis, many cities had turned their backs on dominant neoliberal policies and introduced bold and innovative progressive policies addressing,among many other pressing issues, affordable housing, energy democracy, and public transportation. Front-runner cities like these are fundamentally important in the battle to avoid catastrophic climate change and runaway inequality.

Municipalize Europe! will be an opportunity to learn about the efforts of transformative cities during the COVID-19 crisis and the solutions that they are putting on the agenda for the social and economic recovery. The conference will feature sessions on how cities are fighting the covid-19 crisis, the housing crisis and the climate crisis, and explore what the European Union (EU), especially the EU institutions, should do to support these efforts and how to enforce the collaboration between EU and municipalist cities.

The event is finished.


Nov 05 2020


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