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Commons Sense: Let’s Create a Bottom-Up European Democracy

Commons Sense: Let’s Create a Bottom-Up European Democracy

In times of crisis, change is more likely to thrive. To make this change happen, investing in culture, as a tool for social transformation, is crucial. How can we make sure that the cultural sector enters the post-Covid-19 reality with a new, stronger voice?

We believe that the future of culture concerns Europe as a whole – where there is no culture, there is no Europe either. Let’s bring Europe closer to the very local experiences of cultural workers and to their local initiatives for solidarity in cities – let’s create a more just future of culture.

In this digital co-creation lab, we will explore new ‘homes of commons’, as spaces of encounter between EU and local level: how can the EU learn from local realities and how can local actors be empowered to take part in EU decision making?

Let’s build the cornerstones of our ‘homes of commons’: their participatory tools, their physical and/or digital spaces, their administrative structures.

More information here.

The event is finished.


Jun 22 - 30 2020


European Cultural Foundation