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Archives: Debate Posts

Making the European Green Deal work for municipalities

How can the European Green Deal be made to work for municipalities and the people who inhabit them? This debate seeks to answer this question and others related to it by drawing on the proceedings of the Municipalize Europe! event.

Flatpack 2021: building a new culture

Flatpack 2021 is a quiet revolution. It doesn’t have any policy prescriptions and it isn’t promising to overthrow the state. It aims to build a new politics with only five unassuming prerequisites for its independent candidate councillors. Yet these small asks could set flatpackers on…

Pirates find treasure in the wreckage of UK politics

Flatpack Democracy is a municipalist political movement reclaiming local authorities in the UK. It is trying to redefine how politics is done, returning power to everyday people. The Flatpack 2021 campaign is gearing up for the next elections in May. Spycop revival, lockdown debacle, planning…