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Debate: Common - open call

Final decision

We’ve received more than 10 great proposals in spite of the short deadline!

Our Minim community has finally decided to fund the following report:

Imogen Hamilton Jones and Thomas de Groot – On the (messy) interactions between municipalism and commoning in Amsterdam.

Congratulations to the team!

The Minim Community



Call for reports

Minim is a municipalist observatory that aims to give voice to the municipalist movement in different parts of the world. In Spring 2020, we released a successful call for a series of funded reports on municipalism in the Global South. We are today announcing a call for proposals for short research reports on municipalism and the common.

The common (or commons) is a recurring concept in municipalist discussions. For many, it appears to function both as an organising principle and a social horizon towards which municipalism is politically oriented. For others, it has a minimalist interpretation as an approach to common pool resource management. This call is for a report that explicitly explores the relationships between ‘the common’ and municipalism. We are particularly interested in proposals that give a clear account of the concepts, explore their intersections, focus on concrete practices, and that engage with serious questions over the place of the common in building collective power.

Applications can be presented by individuals or teams, and there is no geographical restriction to the funding. Applicants need not be academics, but some background in research is required, and a connection with activism will be highly valued. Successful applications will maintain a balance between conceptual engagement and concrete case studies, and will be propositional about what this means for organising.

We have the funding to support either one or two reports, with a stipend of between €750 to €1500, depending on the proposed programme of research. Research proposals should be realistic and reflect the available fee. The first draft of the report needs to be submitted by 31 March 2021 and final version by 30 April 2021. Outputs will include a report of 4-5,000 words, and a shorter 1,200 word journalistic piece for the Minim website. The report should be addressed to an international audience and aim to “translate” (in a broad, not only linguistic, sense) local practices for a diverse public, without losing complexity and authenticity.

Deadline for applications is 21 February 2021. Applications should be no more than one side of A4; details are included below. Please send the application form to You can also address any questions you may have to that same email address.

The Minim community will evaluate the proposals and publish the results by February 26.

Application form

Who is conducting the research and what’s your experience as a researcher/activist? (50 words)

What does municipalism mean to you? How do you see it connecting with the concept of the common? (150 words)

What would you like to write about? What questions will the report try to answer? (200 words)

How will you conduct the research? (150 words)


PDF of the call: Public Call (Municipalism and Common)