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Database tag: Democracy

Radical politics in an era of advanced capitalism

Defying all the theoretical predictions of the 1930s, capitalism has transformed itself from an economy surrounded by many precapitalist social and political formations into a society that itself has become “economized”. Is there a public realm that can become an arena for the interplay of…

Democratic confederalism

Political prisoner and theorist who helped cofound the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Öcalan, takes a closer look at the historical background of the paradigma between nation-state. With a view to issues of ethnicity and nationhood like the Kurdish question, which have their roots deep…

The communalist project

Whether the twenty-first century will be the most radical of times or the most reactionary will depend overwhelmingly upon the kind of social movement and program that social radicals create out of the theoretical, organizational, and political wealth that has accumulated during the past two…

Cities against centralization

This  article is an homage to, and review of: The Rise of Urbanization and the Decline of Citizenship by Murray Bookchin. In Bookchin’s writing we can see that in his account is a pioneer effort that challenges misleading images of modern industrial achievement and triumphant western democracy….