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Database tag: Urban planning

Pacifying the neighborhood

Until relatively recently, the status quo in the cities of the Global South vacillated between neglect and persecution of the poor. In the past decade, however, we have seen a paradigm shift in urban policy, and cities in Brazil, Colombia and elsewhere are pioneering new…

The Fight Against the Belgrade Waterfront Project [Interview with Dobrica Veselinović]

The movement Ne da(vi)mo Beograd (Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own) opposes the Belgrade Waterfront project, designed to generate private gain and by means of non-transparent procedures. The movement has fostered massive participation, thus becoming successful in promoting the involvement of citizens in the municipal politics. Photo:…

The open city

In spite of the tools that there are available nowadays to plan the city, critical imagination of cities is especially weeks. The author describes and contrasts what he calls “the closed system” of architecture and society that he connects to Le Corbusier with “the open…