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Database tag: Spain

Cooperation vs authoritarianism in Spain

Social change and systems change go hand-in-hand. Movements for democracy and human rights are most effective when they aim to transform unjust, unequitable economic systems. In this episode, Laura Flanders travels to Spain to learn how people in two of the regions most brutally repressed…

What would a city designed by women be like?

Cities are supposed to be built for all of us, but they aren’t built by all of us. Every city in the world has been designed and built by men. But what if the other half had a go? Barcelona might be able to give…

(New) Municipalism

By interpreting the results of the world values survey one of the conclusions that scholars are getting to is that people value democracy, but just not the kind of representative democracy that they have. In addition, political parties from the extreme right are gaining support…

How can we implement direct democracy in European cities?

An interview with Bernardo Gutierrez, responsible for the Innovation Laboratories of MediaLab Prado de Madrid at the Our Common City conference held in Budapest (February 22 & 23, 2019). Part one:   Part two:   Photo: Joel Filipe

What went wrong for the municipalists in Spain?

Four years after the first wave of municipalist governments in Spain, many of the so-called cities of change have failed to renew the results obtained in the elections that placed them in power. While the Catalan independence movement has radically changed the political landscape, thus…

Decentralising geographies of political action: Civic tech and placebased municipalism

“Place-based civic tech”, citizen engagement technology codesigned by local government, civil society and global volunteers, constitutes a priced tool for the decentralization of power and decision-making. Together with certain offline practices, it fosters the politicization of civil society and renews the infrastructure of democracy. In…